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Nr. I

Why Arks for parks?

Nr. I

Why Arks for parks?

Residing like never before

From dream to concept to reality without interrupting on-going operation

The philosophy with our first Arks was to escape the hustle and bustle of fast-paced city life and serve as a mental charging point. Imagine a recreational park or cabin hotel whose design stands out, yet blends perfectly into the landscape. A modular, mobile and zero impact design that lets you enjoy nature without giving up the comforts of modern times.

Given their aesthetics, modularity and quick installation, the Arks have tremendous added value for new and existing recreational parks, hotels and campgrounds

As business owners,we know that quick action is essential, and that investments should pay off sooner rather than later. This is exactly why our construction process is such a perfect match for recreational parks or hotels. Starting from a blank canvas, our architects will design a park in harmony with its surroundings, maximizing the use of the area while ensuring that each cabin offers all the privacy one is looking for.


Let us also demonstrate the added value we can create for existing recreational parks, hotels and campgrounds. Given that our units are prefabricated and arrive fully assembled, with almost no on-site work, they can be put to use almost immediately. We can serve as an ideal partner to optimize your company's operations by reducing downtime and accelerating profitability.

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The perks of hosting in an Ark

Nr. II

The perks of hosting in an Ark

Be the perfect host

Optimize your company's operations by choosing an eye-catching and quickly deployable ark.

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Our designers ensure that you get the best-looking result, a perfect fit with the surroundings and equipped with all the options you desire.

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By using our modular system you can have single units, but as easily you can combine units, creating multiple room family houses, restaurants, receptions etc.

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Multiple units can be installed and connected in one day. Combined with minimal construction time and a fully prefabricated arrival, with no on-site work, your investment will begin to pay off almost immediately.

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When renovations are in order, the units can be swapped so the park can always operate on full capacity.

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Working with sheet material always allows easy access in the highly unlikely case of trouble. No need to chop, drill, saw, replaster or repaint when small maintenance works need to be carried out.

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Technical parts of different units within the same park or hotel always remain identical, making maintenance and repairs easier for your staff.


Ready to take action?


Ready to take action?

Get in touch


Let us show you the possibilities modular construction has to offer and how these possibilities reflect very precisely what your business needs.

Our team will guide you through the entire process:

  1. Let’s discover the possibilities of your plot, existing park, hotel or camping
  2. Let our architects turn those possibilities into a plan and 3D renders, maximizing the usage and your guests’ privacy
  3. Time for permits, administration, and planning.
  4. Your custom-made arks are handcrafted in our workshops, manufactured by skilled craftsmen and finished to the finest detail.
  5. After a few weeks your finished Arks start their journey to you
  6. With virtually no on-site work; your investment can begin to pay off almost immediately

An Ark is simply faster


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