1. What can you expect?
    Ark-Shelter's obligations are to make our products available to the user for the duration of the agreement; or to deliver upon sale. It is transported and installed by Ark-Shelter, and also removed again if necessary. This kind of residential solution has no lasting impact for the place where it is located. Ark-Shelter can provide further adaptation of access to the unit, e.g. by means of a ramp. The provision of necessary piping and connections is done by a subcontractor on Ark-Shelter's instructions and is carried out in consultation with the owner.

  2. How long do I have to wait?

    Depending on production pressure, we can deliver and install the unit within 3 months. Installation usually takes no longer than 6 hours per unit. While the permit is being applied for, production is started. The foundation screws are placed just before arrival of the unit.
  3. Where can the unit be placed?

    The unit can be placed anywhere provided that the roads to this location are accessible for a trailer and that the crane on site has no obstacles in the turning radius!
  4. Which foundation is used?
    The unit is placed on unpaved ground on a screw foundation; the number is determined by the size of the unit. Prefabricated concrete blocks are also an option.

  5. How is the installation done?

    An Ark arrives on a truck and is then placed in its proper place by crane.
  6. Can the Shelter be easily removed again?

    An Ark stands about 5-10 cm off the ground (insulation reasons) and is not attached to the foundation. This means that the unit can be very easily picked up and moved again.
  7. Where are the Arks built?

    Arks are built in Slovakia and then transported to their destination.
  8. How much is the transportation cost?

    The transportation cost depends on the size, but especially the width of the Ark.
  9. How is an Ark built?

    The structure of the Ark is a modular wooden frame construction. This means that single units are possible, as well as larger structures by several units linked together or stacked on top of each other.
  10. Is the construction process sustainable?

    We work with Slovak indigenous wood species; an important local resource. Our suppliers must all have the FSC label, which guarantees us an environmentally responsible approach. In addition, an Ark can be recycled up to 95% when dismantled. Furthermore, thanks to excellent insulation and ventilation, we have very low energy consumption. The combination of these factors, along with a minimal waste production process and energy-efficient appliances, ensures that our carbon footprint with this way of building and living is very limited. 
  11. How big can an Ark be?
    The width is 3m, 3.5m or 4m and the length can be between 6m and 14m. By linking or stacking several units (up to 5 high) you can create larger spaces.

  12. Can an Ark work without utilities?
    The initial idea of Ark Shelter was to create a home that could function off the grid. However, for reasons of required comfort, they are usually hooked up. We have experience in installing solar panels, batteries and rainwater recovery tanks. 

  13. Is there any work to be done on site?

    An Ark is fully assembled with all components. The only things that will be installed on site are a possible terrace and/or fireplace.
  14. How will the Ark be connected to water and electricity?

    A simple electricity cable can be connected to the Ark. Water supply and drainage is done by connecting to the existing sewage system; if there is no sewage system, a septic tank can be used.
  15. What type of heating is used?

    Heating is provided by default via infrared panels because of their low consumption and high efficiency. For custom applications, a fireplace can also be provided. For large projects, we rely on alternative forms of heating. We prefer to work with air-to-air heat pumps because they can also cool in the warmer summer months and thus always guarantee an optimal indoor climate.
  16. What are the costs associated with a unit?

    Initially, you have the rental price or the sales price, this is a one-time cost plus the installation cost (crane, foundation, delivery, utilities, crew etc.). 
  17. What is included in the price?

    The unit arrives fully assembled on a transport; which ensures quick installation. This unit is equipped with all appliances for heating, refrigerator, combination oven, stove, etc. This is something that some other providers do not include. 
  18. What procedures should be followed?
    If you are interested in an Ark-Shelter; we will gladly send you an overview of the possibilities. Afterwards, we take care of a quick delivery and placement of the unit as well as coordination of the necessary connections. Furthermore, we also take care of the necessary permits, as the conditions vary from one municipality to another.
    If the unit needs to be moved, Ark-Shelter will pick it up, including the foundation screws, without any permanent or visible damage. 
    *Warranty is void if a party not appointed by Ark-Shelter moves the unit.

  19. What service do we offer?

    Ark-Shelter's residential solutions have a very long service life. We have a team ready at all times to carry out any repairs and with a non-binding annual inspection of all essential points, we guarantee smooth operation of the unit and its accessories. 
  20. Where do you deliver?
    Arks can be placed anywhere, but at present we supply and place our modular timber frame units only in Europe.

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