We are architects

We are architects

Modular, sustainable, premium.

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Nr. I

Let's build an Ark

Nr. I

Let's build an Ark

We are a team of architects, engineers and craftsmen, together we work as one, and we listen to your dreams. Because of our diverse team we transform your vision, not just into a design, but also turn it into reality.

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Let’s get to know each other

We are interested to hear about your project and ideas! Explain us what you imagine and we will show how we can use our modular building system, to help you realize your vision.

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We go in a design phase.

We start drawing, in close dialogue with you. We take your ideas and turn these into a plan with renders and detailed drawings. Once satisfactory we will calculate the detailed building budget. Due to our controlled and streamlined production process the budget is in tighter control than through regular building.

Nr. 03

Let’s build and place.

Once we start manufacturing your vision, our dialogue will rapidly accelerate. You can see your dream growing. Once it’s ready we deliver it and install it at your desired location.

Nr. 04

Change your projects

Whenever you feel the necessity of change or any evolution; contact us and we will show you several options on how your building can easily transform.

Examples of custom already built Arks. Each of them is unique and a reflection of someone’s dream coming true


November 2019

Into the Wild Cabin

May 2018

GAB Showroom


Roof - Apartment

October 2017

Prototype Shelter

September 2015

Floating Restaurant

June 2017

Roof Extension

September 2017


July 2018

Rolls Royce

March 2018

Ski Sauna

Winter 2017-18

Flying Sauna

November 2023

Modular house


Ark Shelter


Ark Shelter



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